Do we need supplements even if we are on a healthy diet?

The most ideal situation is when we are able to gain all the necessary vitamins and minerals from natural foods. However, today's Western society is so accustomed to faster food that it is nearly impossible to obtain essential ingredients for our body and maintain good health. Thus, you have to take vitamin-rich food and nutritional supplements, in order to maintain optimal health and wellness long-term.


Are GNLD Neolife products made with GMO free ingredients?

Yes. GNLD  NeoLife only uses GMO-free ingredients to formulate products.

GNLD NeoLife products do not contain any form of genetically modified organisms.

GNLD Neolife takes special quality-control measures to ensure the quality and purity of raw materials that enter GNLD NeoLife products. Not an ounce of compromise will ever be tolerated in the products.


Are GNLD Neolife products Gluten-free?

Most GNLD Neolife products are either tested to have less than 20 ppm of gluten or do not contain gluten contributing from wheat, rye, barley, or crossbreeds of grains.


Where does GNLD Neolife source its Omega-3 fish oil from?

All GNLD Neolife Fish Oil products are formulated from wild Salmon of the pristine waters of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


Is it safe to use soy?

You can be assured that the soy ingredients used in GNLD NeoLife products are completely safe and appropriate for human consumption.

Hundreds of studies have associated soy with positive effects in human health, including digestive, bone, and cardiovascular, neurological and anti-carcinogenic benefits.


Why should I use GNLD Neolife cleaning products?

GNLD Neolife  cleaning products are highly concentrated. By using a little, you can effectively clean a lot. This translates into your help saving our environment, and this also saves you money. You can clean anything – countertops, barbeques or even driveways with GNLD cleaning products.