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NeoLife has been in business for 61 years, since 1958, operating in over 50 countries around the world. 

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About the Founder and Chairman of NeoLife

Jerry Brassfield,  was born on April 9, 1940 in Porterville, California. Although Jerry was clever and business minded having two businesses before he was 13 years old, as a young boy, he was often held back from his potential because he suffered from severe asthma and allergies. So severe, that he recalls the voice of his mother telling the family Pastor “I’m sorry to call you over here so late, I just don’t think he is going to make it through the night.”

There’s nothing like a little good motivation... this got Jerry fired up to fight for his life and he spent the night gasping for breath after breath harder than ever before.

Jerry’s mother then embarked on a search, determined to find relief for her sick son. After realizing that at that time there was no modern medicine that could help Jerry, she began to give him something which at that time did not garner much main stream acceptance. She added quality nutritional products to his daily diet.

Supplements in the 1940’s were not as palatable as they are today, so Jerry was forced to take giant, heaping tablespoons of foul tasting nutrition like cod liver oil. It was then that he discovered the profound impact that quality supplements could play in helping restore good health. Through giving his body the nutrition it needed, allergies and asthma became more of an occasional nuisance triggered by farm animals rather than a constant battle for life.

This life changing, probably even life saving experience gave Jerry an unwavering belief in the power of nutritional supplementation. Because of his passion for helping others, Jerry began sharing his powerful testimony with those around him and realized that most people needed a solution to the problems created by nurtitional deficiencies.

In his teens, Jerry had a few unsatisfying jobs like selling furniture and tires, yet the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ in which he was raised to believe, where more hard work equals more profit, was nonexistent in any job he could find.

By age 23, he was already worth over five million dollars working in Direct Sales through a company selling supplements perfectly aligning with his two passions: business & health. That company failed due to mismanagement.

Taking matters into his own hands, Jerry started his own Direct Selling company founded on values which ensure product quality, unlimited income potential, and long-term stability for Distributors and future generations.

Along the way he acquired the NeoLife brand and merged it with his other companies, creating an international industry-leading gem. The NeoLife name has become the company name because its roots mean ‘new life’, something available to anyone desiring to join the NeoLife family.

Jerry had the courage to dream big because he knows that God has a unique & extraordinary plan for each and every one of us. Jerry’s dream is now to see people around the world, people like you happy and healthy.


About is located in Connecticut.

At we carry only the highest quality, name brand products. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied and have been helping people live long and healthy lives with NeoLife health and wellness products for ages. We are looking forward to helping you live a long and healthy life too!


About Our Products

Based in Nature
NeoLife products provide the finest natural ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

Backed by Science
These nutrients are delivered in highly bio-efficient forms in exclusive, clinically proven formulas that maximize nutrient absorption, utilization and benefits by using the most advanced scientific methods and proprietary processes.

Guaranteed Quality
We take pride in the unwavering quality and safety standards that have ensured the effectiveness of our products for over 60 years.

Doing What’s Right
Every decision we make is in the best interest of you, your family, your home and the environment. Our long history of sustainable business practices, recyclable packaging and eco-friendly decision-making has never waivered.



We are a world-wide nutrition company
committed to quality nutrition




Absolute integrity is at the core of who we are and reflected in all that we do. We expect the same from you as a member of the NeoLife family.



We believe in the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. This includes respect, individual dignity, kindness, and acknowledging that each person has a unique and important role.



Unique and superior products. Quality without compromise. Not “me too” fad/trendy products. Guaranteed by & developed under the guidance of NeoLife’s Scientific Advisory Board.



No matter your age, gender, experience, race, religion or creed, you can have success with NeoLife and you will be welcomed into our global family.



Guides decisions and actions for the well-being of both existing and future NeoLife family members.



A History of Scientific Excellence

NeoLife’s reputation for scientific excellence is so well established that our products have been used by researchers from such renowned bodies as the United States Department of Agriculture, UNESCO, and major universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Because our presence in the scientific community is so strong, NeoLife has been able to partner with the Stanford University Health Library to produce the annual NeoLife-Arthur Furst Lecture Series on Nutrition & Disease Prevention and with the University of San Francisco to award the annual Arthur Furst Undergraduate Scholarship.

Through these ongoing programs, NeoLife is changing the face of health care and disease prevention through nutrition by actively supporting today’s scientists and tomorrow’s doctors.





Trace from farm to table


Purity, Potency and Proof

For 60 years, generations of families all around the world have counted on NeoLife to do what no other company can do: produce nutritionals that are based on the finest whole food, human food chain ingredients and proven effective by millions of satisfied customers.

World-leading scientists, researchers and nutritionists search for effective solutions to promote and protect your long-term health.*

Skilled technologists select only the finest raw materials to ensure the highest level of ingredient purity.

NeoLife products are developed with the latest scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technology to concentrate and standardize the active ingredients in raw materials. This ensures the final product delivers all the benefits that nature intended.

Each product undergoes rigorous testing using the very latest scientific methods to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness. NeoLife products use only GMO-free ingredients and are routinely tested for potential contaminants.

Clinical studies proving the effectiveness of NeoLife products have been published in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals. Our unique and enduring commitment to scientific excellence has attracted the attention of researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture, major universities and respected scientific institutions around the world.